How Local Franchisees Are Changing Marketing Expenditures

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This 22-page report includes 19 charts and tables and observations and analysis of what's happening with franchise advertising at the local level. Some of the findings include how digital media has now overtaken direct mail as franchisees' leading choice for advertising, and that, while there's high interest in social media, franchisees continue to spend half their digital budgets on search engine advertising.

The report is accompanied by the full Excel-based results of a 44-question survey of 500 franchise operators. The survey offers 13 worksheets and 147 charts and tables, many of which compare franchise operators' responses to those of average local ad-buyers. It's a treasure trove of information. The report and Excel-based results are free to subscribers, and $495 to others. It's accompanied by a 30-minute webinar with Borrell analysts discussing the findings and answering questions.
An EXECUTIVE SUMMARY is available for free here.

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