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Making Video Pay Off For News Publishers

Released: 03 April 2013
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Evaluating the revenue and audience opportunities that the rapid rise in online video consumption offers media companies requires a plan to produce, acquire, and segment video content. “Making Video Pay Off for News Publishers” looks at the video opportunities for media companies from the perspectives of audience, content, and advertising.


  • Exponential uptake of video as a consumer medium

  • Plummeting costs of video production

  • Developing scale and creating segmentation for video inventory

  • Global best practices in creating “TV channels” on publisher Web sites

  • The economics of online video advertising

  • The range and evolution of publishers in video development

  • How to position video among a publisher's storytelling tools

Who should read:

Executives at news media companies charged with evaluating the video opportunity, selling video advertising, producing news in video format, and connecting audiences to online video

Making Video Pay Off For News Publishers

Detailed overview:

Evaluating the opportunity that the rapid rise in online video consumption offers media companies is the subject of the INMA report, “Making Video Pay Off For News Publishers.”

The INMA report covers four key points related to online video:

  • Consumer engagement opportunity: The exponential uptake of video as a consumer medium combined with plummeting costs of video production puts publishers on the verge of connecting with new audiences in profound ways.

  • Advertising opportunity depends on scale: The degree to which a publisher can monetize this nexus between video storytelling and audience engagement depends on scale and segmentation, the pillars of advertising sales opportunities.

  • Global best practices to command revenue: The first-movers among news publishers in the video space have created robust "TV channels" on their Web sites with a combination of original video and syndicated video — of sufficient scale to command premium CPMs.

  • Where publishers fit in this new world: First-mover publishers are in the best position to monetize online video today, while others are putting together plans to match or exceed global best practitioners.

Written by veteran publishing industry author Paula Felps, “Making Video Pay Off for News Publishers” is a 63-page report that looks at the video opportunity from the perspectives of audience, content, and advertising.

“What we see in this report is the future of video in the multi-media publisher's arsenal of audience and advertiser engagement tools,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “The INMA Board of Directors last year identified video as potentially the No. 1 revenue growth opportunity for publishers. What our research found was that is true for early adopters. It may be true for others in outlying years, but to get there requires a clear plan for building inventory. That is key to audience engagement and monetization.”

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