How the world’s leading media companies are accelerating digital while preserving the best in print (and how that translates to Africa)


Key topics

  • Where media goes next
  • Understanding Millennial consumers
  • The new multi-media brand
  • Revenue diversification
  • Paid content
  • Integrating newsrooms
  • How to innovate routinely
  • Developing digital capabilities
  • Print advertising innovation
  • Mobile strategy
  • Culture change
  • Reinventing advertising

Confirmed Speakers

Marcelo Benez
Commercial Executive Director
Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil

Mark Challinor
Media Futures Ltd., United Kingdom
@challinor LinkedIn

Ravi Dhariwal
Sagacito, India

Damian Eales
Managing Director
Metro & Regional Publishing
News Corp, Australia
@newscorpaus LinkedIn

Pit Gottschalk
Funke Digital
@pitgottschalk LinkedIn

Espen Egil Hansen
CEO and Editor
Aftenposten, Norway
@espenegil LinkedIn

Gregory Hywood
Fairfax Media, Australia
@fairfaxmedia LinkedIn

Sandy MacLeod
Chief Operating Officer/Print
Toronto Star, Canada
@TorontoStar LinkedIn

Trude Margel
Commercial Director Content Marketing
Itera, Norway

Yasmin Namini
Digital Media Executive and Advisor
United States
@yasnyc LinkedIn

Sandy Naudé
Group Executive Advertising
Independent Media, South Africa
@trippingsandy LinkedIn

Peter Ndoro
SABC News Prime Time, South Africa
@peterndoro LinkedIn

Thomas Peterssohn
MittMedia, Sweden
@peterssohn LinkedIn

Grzegorz Piechota
Nieman Fellow
Harvard University, Poland
@g_piechota LinkedIn

Robert Whitehead
Member of Board
McPherson Media Group, Australia

Earl Wilkinson
Executive Director and CEO
@earljwilkinson LinkedIn


Monday, November 14

8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Registration and Welcome Coffee

9:00 a.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Be welcomed to the world of INMA and the Global Media Summit Africa by association leaders. Learn more about INMA's mission and what to expect during the Global Media Summit.

Mark Challinor Mark Challinor
President, International News Media Association (INMA); President, Media Futures Ltd., United Kingdom @challinor LinkedIn

Sandy Naude Sandy Naude
Board Member, INMA; Group Executive, Direct Advertising and Community Newspapers, Independent Media, South Africa @trippingsandy LinkedIn

Peter Ndoro Moderator: Peter Ndoro
Anchor, SABC News Prime Time, and Conference Moderator, South Africa @peterndoro LinkedIn

Theme: The Big Issues Facing News Media

9:30 a.m.

News Media Outlook: The Dimension Behind the Façade

In this INMA-exclusive presentation, look across news media worldwide to distill major trends impacting the strategic decisions of companies looking to grow audience and revenue that will support great journalism in the coming years. The presentation will include a snapshot of where legacy media are today in their transformation, the emerging truths in media, and a report card on culture change, paid content, mobile, distributed content, and Big Data. The presentation concludes with a look at where media is heading next.

Earl J. Wilkinson Earl J. Wilkinson
Executive Director and CEO, INMA @earljwilkinson LinkedIn

10:15 a.m.

Winning Digital Strategies for News Publishers in the Age of Platforms

Platforms have been taking over aggregation, distribution and monetisation of digital media content, and basically decoupled advertising from content production. Optimisation of content for platforms and relationships with them have become priorities for many media companies. Why do digital platforms engage audiences and advertisers better than products of legacy publishers? What's the right strategy for news publishers: collaboration with platforms, competition, or both? How to maintain exclusive relationship with customers?

Grzegorz “Greg” Piechota Grzegorz “Greg” Piechota
Nieman Fellow, Harvard University, United States, and Director, Agora, Poland @g_piechota LinkedIn

11:00 a.m.

Networking Break

Theme: Stories of Reinvention

11:30 a.m.

Pushing Back Against Facebook: How Aftenposten Beat the Drum for Change

In September, Facebook prevented Norway's leading newspaper from posting a famous photo from the Vietnam War as, by algorithmic standards, it was “child pornography.” Aftenposten pushed back — so loudly that Facebook quickly changed its standards (a rarity). I n this presentation, hear from the Aftenposten editor-in-chief who led the campaign against Facebook and what lessons he learned. Hear about the Aftenposten battle with Facebook and what it means for the bigger war for news media.

Espen Egil Hansen Espen Egil Hansen
CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Aftenposten, Norway @eghan LinkedIn

12:00 noon

Best Practices from India's (Still) Vibrant Newspaper Industry

In some ways, India's media scene is the most dynamic in the world: still full of print life, yet quickly digitising and quickly diversifying. In this presentation, learn from the former CEO of the Times of India a snapshot of best practices among India's leading publishers and potential applications to African media.

Ravi Dhariwal Ravi Dhariwal
Chairman, Sagacito, India LinkedIn

12:30 p.m.


Theme: What's Next with Print?

1:45 p.m.

Print Advertising Creativity Amid a Digital Storm: Folha de S.Paulo

Despite enormous market changes and a digital tsunami, print remains a cornerstone of news consumption and advertising creativity. In this presentation, learn how one of Brazil’s leading dailies delivers print advertising excellence in ways both amazing and surprising.

Marcelo Benez Marcelo Benez
Chief Commercial Officer, Folha de S.Paulo LinkedIn

2:15 p.m.

Balancing the Role of Print and Digital

News Corp in Australia sees print and digital as complementary and has staked out bold positions in both spaces: changing from metered model to freemium model in digital while continuing to push print circulation and advertising in new and innovative ways.

Damian Eales Damian Eales
Managing Director, Metro and Regional Publishing, News Corp Australia LinkedIn

2:45 p.m.

Moving to Weekend-Only Print: Why? How?

Major publishers have experienced large, relentless reductions in print advertising revenues over recent years with no signs of abatement. This necessitates the consideration of different publishing models that involve less print frequency. Is this feasible, and how would it work?

Greg Hywood Greg Hywood
CEO, Fairfax Media, Australia LinkedIn

3:15 p.m.

Networking Break

Theme: Reinvention and Transformation

3:45 p.m.

Strategy and Vision: Convincing Consumers to Value and Pay for Your Content

As ad revenues shrink on print, and ad-blockers gain ground on digital, a fundamental change in the ad-funded publisher business model is inevitable. Getting consumers to value your content enough to pay for it is the holy grail in this, and paid digital subscription is where every publisher wants to get to.

Yasmin Namini Yasmin Namini
Digital Media Consultant, New York, United States LinkedIn

4:15 p.m.

Transforming a Regional Publisher: The Case of McPherson Media

Big publishers and big groups grab the headlines, yet smaller publishers and groups constitute the vast majority of media companies worldwide. In this presentation, learn the practicalities of how Australia's McPherson Media Group is transforming itself; the realisation moment; the process involving staff; what changes are being made with products, people and technology; the early phases of building/buying new growth business in niches; and its investments in related start-ups to diversify.

Robert Whitehead Robert Whitehead
Member of Board, McPherson Media Group, Australia LinkedIn

4:45 p.m.

Wrap-Up and Conclusions

5:00 p.m.

Programme Concludes for Day

Tuesday, November 15

9:00 a.m.

Welcome Back

Theme: The Mobile Moment

9:15 a.m.

Mobile and the Future Audience

This one-of-a-kind presentation will focus on creating a better experience. How does technology + data + creativity ultimate give a more meaningful relationship with our future audiences? And how do all roads point to this being “mobile”-first?

Mark Challinor Mark Challinor
CEO, Media Futures Ltd., United Kingdom @challinorLinkedIn

10:15 a.m.

Networking Break

Theme: Global Best Practices

10:45 a.m.

The Transformation of MittMedia: Lessons Learned

Digital transformation is a challenge for all media companies: business models, impacts on consumers and advertisers, and perhaps most importantly: employees. In this presentation, learn how a group of Swedish community newspapers found new ways to get its workforce to see the new digital challenges and embrace innovation in profound ways.

Thomas Peterssohn Thomas Peterssohn
Former CEO, MittMedia, Sweden @peterssohnLinkedIn

11:15 a.m.

Business Innovation and the Toronto Star

In today's world of disruption, digital efforts must be a key focus for publishers. Yet in many markets it won't be enough. Publishers need innovation and a focus on revenue diversification. Learn how Canada's Toronto Star is making money directly from consumers through a lens of experimentation.

Sandy MacLeod Sandy MacLeod
Chief Operating Officer, Toronto Star, Canada LinkedIn

11:45 a.m.

Reorganising Editorial to Leverage Group Needs: The Case of Funke Media

Germany's Funke Media Group has centralised editorial teams as an internal content agency to save money and increase quality. Why should each newspaper create its own story about Angela Merkel? Learn lessons on how this was done at this growing German media company and the early results.

Pit Gottschalk Pit Gottschalk
Editor-in-Chief, Funke Media, Germany @pitgottschalkLinkedIn

12:15 p.m.


12:30 p.m.

Summit Ends


Conference venue

Vineyard Hotel Conference Centre
Colinton Road
Newlands, Cape Town, 7700
+27 21 657 4500

Conference attendees

The INMA Global Summit Africa will attract top media talent throughout Africa and beyond.

See Who will Be There

As of right now

  • Martinique Abrams, Publisher, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Cass Adamson, Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, The New York Times News Service & Syndicate, United Kingdom
  • Kathryn Astbury,, South Africa
  • Renato Balona, Publisher,, South Africa
  • Kelly Baron, Marketing Manager, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Marcelo Benez, Diretor Executivo Comercial, Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil
  • Hauke Berndt, Managing Director, ppi Media GmbH, Germany
  • Anke Brack, NZZ-Mediengruppe, Switzerland
  • Seth Brown, BUSINESS/ICT REPORTER, Ghana Daily News, Ghana
  • Leila Byrne, Strategist,, South Africa
  • Janine Bywater, Regional Advertising Sales Manager, Times Media Pty LTD, South Africa
  • Zaida Calvete Norell, Manager, Content Partnerships, PressReader, Canada
  • Trevor Carroll, Manager, Content Partnerships, PressReader, Canada
  • Mark Challinor, Chief Executive Officer, Media Futures Ltd., United Kingdom
  • Sergio Davids, Editor,, South Africa
  • Barrie De Beer, General Manager: Media24 News, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Caryn Dolley, Deputy News Editor,, South Africa
  • Reinard Du Plessis, General Manager Marketing, ATKV-oorde, South Africa
  • Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, President, International, International New York Times, France
  • Damian Eales, Managing Director - Metro & Regional Publishing, News Corp Australia, Australia
  • Espen Egil Hansen, Editor in Chief/CEO, Aftenposten, Norway
  • Aneeqah Emeran, Editor,, South Africa
  • Andrea Firth, Managing Editor,, South Africa
  • Jo-Ann Floris, Deputy News Editor,, South Africa
  • Natasha Fourie, Strategist,, South Africa
  • Mahlatse Gallens, Editor,, South Africa
  • Pieter Gerber, Solutions Architect,, South Africa
  • Pit Gottschalk, Editor-In-Chief, FUNKE Digital GmbH, Germany
  • Fienie Grobler, Head of News,, South Africa
  • Adele Hamilton, Associate Editor,, South Africa
  • Michael Healy, Systems Analyst, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Ane Honiball, General Manager Ads24, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Gregory Hywood, Chief Executive Officer, Fairfax Media Limited, Australia
  • Steve Immelman, General Manager: Subscriptions, Die Burger, South Africa
  • Deirdre Ingpen, Head of Commercial,, South Africa
  • Tasmia Ismail, General Manager: OP Koerante, Die Burger, South Africa
  • Shane Jacobs, National Sales Manager, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Venette Janse Van Rensburg, Chief Financial Officer, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Kirsi Johansson, Sales Manager, Fiare UK Ltd., United Kingdom
  • Willem Jordaan, Deputy Editor, Die Burger, South Africa
  • Candice Krieger, Product Manager,, South Africa
  • Bevan Lakay, Editor,, South Africa
  • Peter Langschmidt, Research & Insights Director, Publisher Research Council, South Africa
  • Nancy Lee, Executive Editor & Vice President, The New York Times Syndicate and News Service, United States
  • Tammy Lotz, Product Manager,, South Africa
  • Charles Louderback, Assistant Editor, Ghana Daily News, Ghana
  • Mj Lourens, Editor,, South Africa
  • Sandy Macleod, Chief Operating Officer Print, The Toronto Star, Canada
  • Trude Margel, Commercial Director Content Marketing, Itera, Norway
  • Rouxnette Mckeating, Circulation/Marketing Manager, Die Volksblad, South Africa
  • Ross Mcpherson, Executive Chairman, McPherson Media Group, Australia
  • Paulo Mira, President & CEO, PHD Mobi, United States
  • Joseph Muganda, Chief Executive Officer, Nation Media Group, Kenya
  • Charlene Naidoo, Syndication Editor,, South Africa
  • Yasmin Namini, Digital Media Consultant, United States
  • Sandy Naude, Group Executive: Direct Advertising and Community Newspapers, Independent Media, South Africa
  • Andre Olivier, General Manager of Northern Titles, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Martha Ortiz Gomez, Directora, El Colombiano, Colombia
  • Malise Otoo, Development Journalist, Ghana Daily News, Ghana
  • Peo Perrson, Chief Executive Officer, DanAds Group, Sweden
  • Thomas Peterssohn, President and Chief Executive Officer, MittMedia Förvaltnings AB, Sweden
  • Grzegorz Piechota, Nieman Fellow in Journalism 2015-16 Harvard University, Poland
  • Arlene Prinsloo, Editor,, South Africa
  • Tessa Purdon, Editor,, South Africa
  • D.d. Purkayastha, Managing Director & CEO, ABP Pvt Ltd., India
  • Colleen Rainers, General Manager, Kaapse Son, South Africa
  • Cathryn Reece, Head: Strategy and Audience Development,, South Africa
  • Ernie Roworth, General Manager KZN, The Natal Witness, South Africa
  • Gavin Ruiters, Regional Sales Manager,, South Africa
  • Richard Sakala, Managing Editor, Daily Nation Newspapers, Zambia
  • Reardon Sanderson, Times Media Pty LTD, South Africa
  • Mirat Santilale, Content Insight Manager – Sky News, Sky | Insight & Decision Science, United Kingdom
  • Katy Schaff, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, INMA, United States
  • Esme Smit, General Manager: Boland Media, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Evan Smith, Business Manager, Daily & Community News, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Vicki Steenkamp, Channel Sales Manager,, South Africa
  • Sophia Swanepoel, Editor,, South Africa
  • Sunette Van Aardt, Channel Sales Manager,, South Africa
  • Marijke Van Bosch, Advertising Sales Manager, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Johanna Van Eeden, Editor in Chief Daily Newspapers, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Russell Van Heerden, Head of IT,, South Africa
  • Andre Van Tonder, General Manager of Circulation, Media24 Newspapers, South Africa
  • Jeannine Van Zyl, General Manager, Die Volksblad, South Africa
  • Rajiv Verma, Chief Executive Officer, HT Media LTD, India
  • Mareshe Vorster, Digital Marketing Executive,, South Africa
  • Jeff Wicks, Journalist,, South Africa
  • Earl Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, INMA, United States

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Other details

When is the conference?

Monday and Tuesday, November 14-15

What is the attire?

Business casual



What will the weather be like?

Expect 23°C high and 13°C low

More about Cape Town

Cape Town Tourism and Western Cape

Cancellation policy

There will be an administrative fee of R650 per person for any cancellation of registration after September 1, 2016. Registrants always have the possibility to have someone else take their place free of charge. Written notice of the replacement, together with name of the new participants, must be sent to INMA beforehand. Hotel room cancellations must be made directly with the hotel.

About the Venue

The Vineyard Hotel and Conference Centre is a riverside garden estate on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. Today, the 207-room luxury hotel includes a world-class conference centre that will play host to the INMA Global Summit Africa.

Transport from airport to hotel/conference centre

The Vineyard Hotel and Conference Centre is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Cape Town International Airport. There are two recommended options:

Taxis: R250-R300
Taxis are waiting outside the airport terminals and accept cash payments.

Vineyard Hotel transport service:
Mercedes (1-2 people) for R495 or mini-van (1-4 people) for R605

Reserve this in advance by e-mailing Provide your first and last names, time of arrival, and flight number. Upon confirmation, a Vineyard representative will meet/greet for domestic and international arrivals. If staying at the Vineyard Hotel, you may pay cash or arrange to add the transport charge to your sleeping room bill.


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Sept. 16-Oct. 15
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