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Here is what past delegates to the INMA World Congress say about the experience:

“The World Congress provides more relevant information to help combat and overcome the challenges we face than any other conference. Once again, thank you for a 'best in class' experience.”
– Steve Hutton, General Manager, Sunshine Coast Newspaper Co., Australia

“The INMA conference is an excellent way to share similar strategies in different cultures. Sharing information in a global environment is rewarding.”
– Angie Navarro, Brand Manager, Ultimas Noticias, Venezuela

“The last INMA World Congress was an amazing experience for me and my colleagues I convinced to come along with me. Something really different from other conferences, congresses and so on I had attended before. The conference in itself is a real show, a great experience. You live it, you feel it. And of course, networking, picking up new ideas, feeling the arising trends in the market. ”
– Olivier Bonsart, Directeur D�l�gu�, Groupe SIPA/Ouest-France

“The INMA World Congress is all about sharing, networking and finding new ideas and opportunities for my organization. The Congress also gives me a benchmark on where The Gazette stands on different aspects of the business. I would not miss it at all!”
– Bernard Asselin, Vice President, Marketing & Reader Sales and Service, The Gazette, Canada

“This is my first INMA conference and I believe the first of many more to come. I am not only informed significantly on trends and solutions about our industry, but more importantly this experience inspires me to initiate strategic efforts to move Manila Bulletin's leadership to unprecendented heights.”
– Melo Esguerra, Head of Creative and Strategic Development, Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, Philippines

“Great conference and great new ideas!”
– Hernan Cueva, Marketing and Sales Director, Hoy Media Group, Ecuador

“Always appreciate and value the World Congress and its participants.”
– Margie Centrone, Marketing Director, The Repository, Canton, USA

“Well organized, prestigeous event. After the World Congress I will surely be more involved in INMA's social activities on the web.”
– Magdalena Bulak, Innovation Manager, Agora, Poland

“Wow! My first INMA World Congress was an inspiration.”
– Rick Zednik, Circulation Sales Director, Wall Street Journal Europe, France

“Very inspiring. Helps you reflect on your own organisation/company and future business strategies and possibilities.”
– Tialde Postma, Manager of Marketing and Brand Management, Wegener Dagbladen, The Netherlands

“The INMA World Congress justifies its mission of 'showing ideas' by a passionate group and 'inspiring change' among them and by them so that the future can be exciting.”
– Bhaskar Das, Executive President, The Times of India

“Best place to compare notes and network from experienced newspaper executives from around the world.”
– Clement Cheong, President, Fastlane Media Group, China

“Overall, a very insightful conference which has showcased some of the industry best practices. We'll take those experiences with us to drive our industry forward.”
– Spencer Tik Leng Tan, Circulation Executive, Singapore Press Holdings

“Marketing's role is to wake people up. The past two days have been an eye-opening wake-up call regarding the challenges we face in our industry and how we creatively embrace them.”
– Nicola Golden, Vice President/Marketing, San Francisco Examiner, USA

“Great learning experience. New topics, new people, new media, new technologies, etc., added a new flavour to the conference.”
– Siddharth Kothari, Director, Rajasthan Patrika Private Limited, India

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