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Slogans are short, often memorable phrases used in marketing campaigns to draw attention to aspects of a product or company. Their purpose is to emphasise a statement that a company uses to help paint a corporate image and establish a lasting connection to a product or consumer base.

Over the years, INMA has accumulated a large assortment of famous (and infamous) media brand slogans from all over the world. These were used in a wide variety of ways to market and advertise news media brands. While we have provided English-language translations of all slogans, we have attempted to include the original copy — in the language of origin — since linguistic nuances often exist.

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Clarín, the Great Argentine Newspaper (Clarín, el Gran Diario Argentino)
Expect More
Catch Up
Your Town, Your Paper
Feels Like Sunday
Bringing People Together
It's got the Coast written all over it
Fresh Daily
The Age. Everyone sees things differently.
The Daily Habit of Successful People
A New World Everyday
News You Can Use
Read your own news every day.
Local news means the world to us
It's a Newsstand in a Newspaper
Tomorrow's Paper
Gotta make time -- to read the Times (So viel Zeit muss sein -- so viel Zeitung muss sein)
Life Writes Its Own Stories (Wie das Leben so schreibt)
Who has the survey, has the right newspaper (Wer den Überblick hat, hat die richtige Zeitung)
Strong Voice. Strong Newspaper. (Starke Stimme. Starke Zeitung.)
There is nothing more powerful than words (Er gaat niets boven de kracht van woorden)
La DH, c'est du direct
A Friend to the Community
The Right Hand of Do Grande ABC (O braço direito Do Grande ABC)
A Newspaper Is As Good As the Truth It Prints (Um jornal é tão bom quanto as verdades que ele)
You Read, You Know
The Paper With PerSunality
A New's' Attitude
Serving Fort McMurray daily since 1974
The world is changing, keep up with La Presse (Le monde change, suivez le rythme dans LA PRESSE)

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