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Tuesday, January 27

Postmedia drives advertising revenue with video partnership

4 proactive plans for navigating the mobile doldrums

Monday, January 26

Financial Times increases advertising, audience revenue using “customer DNA”

Research proves print + digital ads drive vehicle sales

Sunday, January 25

Local media need to join the fight for retail in-store traffic

#Media #leadership must include #social interaction

Thursday, January 22

Wednesday, January 21

2 necessary journalism jobs for news media’s digital future

Alert: INMA Awards competition deadline is today

Tuesday, January 20

What 2015 holds for media opportunities in mobile messaging

Torstar uses existing assets to grow Big Data strategy incrementally

Monday, January 19

The 40-year-old Millennial: 6 days without a printed newspaper

News media, bank research partnership finds better digital ad measurement

Sunday, January 18

Revenue-generating special editions can’t be replicated in digital space

Le Soir shares 4 do’s and don’ts for companies in convergence

Thursday, January 15

Media24 works to maximise revenue per reader with Big Data strategy

Toronto Star meets advertiser need with national reach to schools

Wednesday, January 14

Every publisher needs a Red Bull

U.K. news media groups partner for 1-day mega advertising campaign

Tuesday, January 13

Cross-device targeting may be key in 2015

INMA launches 4 European Ideas Days featuring 80 industry case studies

Monday, January 12

5 things media companies are doing wrong with paid content

Je suis Charlie

Sunday, January 11

2015: The news media industry ushers in “The Year of the Geek”

Key takeaways from CES for news media companies

Thursday, January 8

Countless points of personal data offer benefits, challenges for media companies

GFR Media’s audience-based revenue model centers on “audience roadmap”

Wednesday, January 7

Aggregator apps: Friend or foe to publishers?

INMA Awards deadline is January 23

Tuesday, January 6

Digital value requires understanding of customer experience

Hindustan Times increases print audience, revenue with Big Data

Monday, January 5

3 steps from New York Times reader to subscriber

20 questions for a 2015 mobile health check

Sunday, January 4

3 values crucial to your disrupted business

9 tips to building a Facebook-less content strategy for 2015

Tuesday, December 30

3 advertising trends to prepare for in 2015

Monday, December 29

6 hot bets for advertising revenue in 2015

Top 10 INMA articles from 2014

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