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Monday, September 29

Gannett increases audience time spent with print by extending USA Today brand locally

Complacency won’t build revenue, but these 5 audience actions will

Sunday, September 28

South China Morning Post uses anniversary to celebrate Hong Kong

Looking toward 2015: Stop being craptastic

Thursday, September 25

Wednesday, September 24

Tuesday, September 23

Helsingin Sanomat uses tablet data to give advertisers print success measurements

Circulation loss vs. cash flow gain: Let’s make a deal

Monday, September 22

Fairfax Media takes transformation to its employee workspace

Social media success from London Fashion Week

Sunday, September 21

The power of a strong cover in print publishing

Real-time bidding versus programmatic direct

Thursday, September 18

Apple Pay could change the face of digital advertising

Wednesday, September 17

4 single-copy opportunities for publishers

B Corps: When publications care about more than the bottom line

Tuesday, September 16

3 reasons to regularly praise staff members during transformation

Grupo de Diarios América expands its programmatic advertising reach

Monday, September 15

Times Group reaches lucrative market with wedding magazine

10 industries smartphones are radically changing

Sunday, September 14

Do advertisers understand print’s faithful audience?

Radio spots promote Cape Argus coverage of Olympian’s murder trial

Thursday, September 11

4 ways to embrace your digital audience without creeping them out

Dainik Bhaskar helps advertisers, marketers reach “Unmetro” audience

Wednesday, September 10

New INMA report focuses on programmatic advertising opportunities

3 lessons media companies can learn from an airport

Tuesday, September 9

Can the media industry Spotify content?

Straits Times reaches teenagers through print

Monday, September 8

New York Times creates responsive app with traditional print feel

How to get 80,000 digital subscribers by publishing one story a day

Sunday, September 7

Why separating app development from print is key to innovation

After media disruption: Human behaviour in “The Age of Knowing Everything”

Thursday, September 4

Taking a 10,000-feet view of circulation e-commerce

Wednesday, September 3

Will 2015 continue to be the year of the device?

Het Belang van Limburg weekend magazines increase readership, attract younger audience

Tuesday, September 2

6 strategic ways to use advertising in print media

Hindustan Times engages community with solutions to Mumbai’s traffic woes

Monday, September 1

4 reasons mobile video ad spend is growing, how publishers should respond

Postmedia editors come together to develop one touch, one design, one newsroom

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