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Women more likely to read, act on newspaper advertising

01 December 2013 · By Irene Fogarty

Recent European research revealed high engagement with print advertising among female newspaper readers. Women are more likely to visit advertisers, make purchases, and feel socially included after reading their newspaper of choice, the study found.

In 2013, with the aid of our business partner, Research and Analysis of Media AB (RAM), INMA’s research expert group conducted a European Newspaper Reader Survey, exploring the trust and value readers place in their newspaper of choice.

The survey attracted participation from nearly 30,000 readers across 80 different European print titles.

One of many interesting reveals from our survey is the gender difference in reader receptiveness to newspaper advertising. While our overall findings have many positive insights for newspapers in this regard, high engagement among female readers vis a vis newspaper ads stands out, compared with their male counterparts.

Forty-seven percent of female readers across Europe agree they often pay attention to advertising in their newspaper of choice, compared with 37% of men. Similarly, 47% of women agree their newspaper’s advertising often gives them important information compared with 36% of men.

We asked readers whether their newspaper’s advertising helps them with purchase decisions: 35% of women agreed, compared with 26% of men. Women also are more likely than men to say they read a newspaper for the advertising content as well as editorial: 24% compared with 17%, respectively.

The drive-to-purchase consideration after seeing newspaper advertising is stronger among female newspaper readers: 32% agree that seeing advertising in their newspaper of choice encourages them to visit advertisers, in person or online (compared with 25% of male readers).

Women also are more likely than men to feel a sense of social inclusion from reading their newspaper: 65% compared with 58%, respectively, agree they feel more part of their community when reading their newspaper. Women also are much more likely than men to agree their newspaper gives them ideas about things to do or places to go (76% compared with 65%).

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