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De Persgroep research shows mobile ads reach young readers

07 September 2015 · By Ilse Peeters

Young people as the predominant mobile platform users.

Young people are the most likely to download mobile apps. They also spend lots of time every day on mobile media, which gives advertisers good reasons to broaden their advertising campaigns to mobile platforms such as news apps.

This approach has been met with success. The first impact measurements of campaigns on the mobile news Web sites from Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen show that these campaigns do better in terms of recognition and attribution than the average online campaign. The impact of these mobile advertisements is ...


“Future-proof” audience measurement takes digital research to next level

13 July 2015 · By Erik Grimm

In the early years of the Internet, media professionals were very optimistic about online research. On the Internet, everything would be measurable. The possibility of passive measurements would make a proper audience measurement a piece of cake.

By now we know better. And we think back with sympathy to the times media behaviour could be measured through questionnaires alone.

First generation

When setting up the first edition of online audience measurement, this euphoria was quickly gone. The measurement of unique devices (browsers) was not difficult. But how do you create a good reporting of the number of people visiting a site or page?

Setting up a representative panel was hard enough. How do you find people who ...


Video-driven charity campaign on drives engagement, donations

08 July 2015 · By Irene Fogarty hosted an innovative fundraising campaign for Trócaire (the overseas development agency), highlighting awareness of unequal global access to clean water. Trócaire’s campaign focussed on Malawi, where drought and poor access to water characterise the majority of rural communities.

The campaign proved a huge success with our visitors, underlining the benefit for charities that engage online visitors with unique and creative sponsored content.

The campaign took the form of an interactive story, driving our visitors through different narratives based on their decision to donate or not. Readers could witness the positive effects of donating by clicking on one button. Conversely, clicking on a button and opting not to donate brought visitors through the difficulties ...


5 insights about print magazine advertising in a digital world

30 June 2015 · By Gloria Arlini

Having survived multiple death pronouncements at the turn of the digital era, magazines have proven their resilience by evolving into a multi-platform content provider, or what is better known today as the magazine media. But there are lingering doubts about the efficacy of magazines in the world of multi-screens and mobility. What relevance can a predominantly print medium have in an era of hyper-connectedness, regardless of how much it has evolved?


Consumer insights help luxury marketers reach Chinese women expats in Singapore

18 March 2015 · By Gloria Arlini

“The Great Chinese Exodus” and the luxury marketers’ conundrum

There is something brewing in the Orient — something that will radically change the population demographics of many key cities in the world.

In 2014, the Hurun Institute reported that 64% of Chinese high net worth individuals (HNWI), defined as those with assets of more than US$1.6 million, are emigrating overseas or plan to do so

This means about 1.9 million affluent Chinese individuals are uprooting – what The Wall Street Journal calls The Great Chinese Exodus – in search of the Promised Land that offers quality education, less polluted air, and better food safety standards.

With their extreme wealth (totaling US$3.8 trillion, according to World Wealth Report 2014) and potential spending power, this demographic shift creates ...


De Persgroep offers advertisers 5 multi-media campaign performance metrics

02 March 2015 · By Ilse Peeters

For publishers of news brands, it is essential today to demonstrate that their news brands are more than just hard copy newspapers. The readership of a “newspaper brand” is more than the readers of the paper version alone; it also includes the readers of the digital newspaper, the Web site, and the app.

But how do you prove to advertisers that this change in news consumption also offers new opportunities? It is almost impossible to demonstrate this on the basis of the current readership studies (such as from the National Readership Survey), as these studies are not yet adapted to the new reality of news consumption.

The frequency with which readership figures are accessible for the market is also different for each medium. Readership figures for printed media are published twice a year in the national readership survey on the basis of progressive averages, while the visiting rates for Web site and mobile report daily readership.

Combining these different currencies has ...


News media preparing for print + digital audience reporting

15 February 2015 · By Erik Grimm

News media with print DNA may serve more readers than a decade ago. However, a large group of advertisers will be unaware of this fact.

A number of old-school media professionals are still focusing on the downward trend of news print circulation. This leads to unnecessary damage of reputation of news brands, so there is an obvious need for news media to shift the focus from print alone to the full spectrum of their portfolios.

Such a broad view of full media brand performance calls for a widely accepted, undisputed audience reporting of the complete footprint of news media.

In the Netherlands, a couple of advanced initiatives for cross-media reporting are being developed. In this blog post, two of those initiatives are discussed: the extension of the national print currency and the introduction of a time consumption study, Media:time Cross Media.


A combined reporting of both online and offline media is easier said than done. Digital media require ...


Is it time to implement performance parameters for digital media?

04 December 2014 · By Bart de Proost

In recent weeks, a number of reports have appeared about fundamental changes in direction for the national readership surveys (NRS) in various countries.

New steps are being taken in the Netherlands to include the circulation figures in the NOM (Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia) organisation, which administers the NRS study.

The objective is to make the sales figures more transparent and ensure they are more in line with the reach figures. This year, the reach figures have also provided additional insight into the advertising reach of printed media, a parameter for which advertisers have been waiting for some time now.

The United Kingdom’s newspaper publishers, in cooperation with consumer magazine publishers, leading advertisers, and agencies, have announced the timing for their wide-ranging review of audience measurement for published media brands, with the aim of ...


Irish Times research reveals readers think highly of advertising sponsors

29 October 2014 · By Irene Fogarty

Advertising in The Irish Times produces hugely positive outcomes for brands in terms of how they’re trusted, a finding underlined by INMA’s 2013 survey of European newspaper readers.

The collaborative study across 80 participating European newspapers revealed 19% of readers trust a brand more upon seeing it advertised in their newspaper of choice. For The Irish Times it’s 35%, an index of 84% more likely than average.

It follows, then ...


De Persgroep uses text research to measure consumption

25 August 2014 · By Ilse Peeters

Early this year, De Persgroep Publishing launched a new study called Dailymetrie®. With this study De Persgroep aims to offer an insight into the multi-media reach of all news media in Flanders.

The Dailymetrie® meets a number of concrete objectives:

  1. Measure the multi-media reach of the news media across several news platforms (on paper or digital, Web site, and mobile) on a daily basis.

  2. Provide information about the overlap and added value of the different media or carriers.

  3. Offer additional media planning insights on the basis of gross and net reach of concrete campaigns.

Daily media diary by text message

De Persgroep selected Ipsos as a research partner. A rather unconventional method was chosen: A representative panel of 1,500 Flemish people aged between 18 and 65 reported ...


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