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The time for mobile-specific advertising is now

05 February 2013 · By Dirk Barmscheidt

The audience for mobile advertising is ready and waiting for a campaign with a simple, focused, and clear benefit message — one designed for mobile. If you build it, they will come.

In 2012, smartphones finally took over the mobile device market. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Germany saw 68% smartphone penetration in the age cluster of 14 to 30 years.

The usage is fragmented: talking, texting, e-mail, video, music, social networks, games, and apps. Smartphone users are always on — on in the Internet and on mobile sites.

MillwardBrown has studied this behaviour in 6,000 interviews all over the world. The report shows us several lessons that will help us to develop the right advertising strategy on mobile devices. 

In general, mobile users reject mobile advertising. Only 23% of all users like mobile ads (as opposed to 51% for TV ads). The question is why?

The answer is simple but important: Advertising for mobile Web sites had to be made for mobile Web sites! It has to be simple, focused, and with a clear benefit message. These basic principles of a successful advertising campaign are too often forgotten.

Mobile ads are working much more efficiently than online ads, according to MillwardBrown, which reported higher ad awareness, higher message association, and better purchase intent.

Only positive numbers and effects. Why the hell is the advertising spend so low?

Advertisers and especially media agencies are aware of the next fragmentation of the media planet. This means more planning, new KPIs, new creatives.

Both need to invest in this new powerful media category. And they will get a highly profitable ROI — as the content providers and e-commerce companies showed us in the last month with their growth.

Advertising is now a multi-channel discipline. The faster the advertiser perfectly masters this new discipline,  the more successful it will be.

It’s time for your campaign!

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