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Bee Media focuses ad sales efforts on 3 factors to grow changing business

26 January 2016 · By Darrell Kunken

With finite resources, fast-changing market conditions, and retailers adjusting their go-to market strategies, it’s important to focus where you can leverage the best return.

It’s certain that we are not going to have the same opportunities with each business category.

At Bee Media, we are using a combination of local revenue trends coupled with Borrell Compass data to gain a sense of where the spending on advertising is going for each business category.

Colby Atwood, president of Borrell Associates, Inc., developed a tool to provide focus on where ad spending for each business category is heading relative to print and digital channels.

The tool can be weighed against three factors for both print and digital channels: The current year estimated spending levels for your local market, the estimated dollars spent per business location in your market, and the projected change in spend looking ahead to the ...


Wisconsin Media brings in new ad revenue with community-focused campaigns

19 January 2016 · By Brooke Christofferson with assistance from Melissa Olson

Wisconsin Media is leveraging its team’s innovative strength to support their clients’ passion for greater community engagement and drive new revenues with its “Marketing with Heart” programmes.

Partnerships such as these create a meaningful connection between advertisers and the highly engaged audience that the expansive Wisconsin news group delivers through programming that supports charitable organisations or brings light to issues that affect our communities at-large.

Based on four pillars – uniqueness, exclusivity, legacy, and value – these programmes create strong relationships between Wisconsin Media, our communities, and the partners that help support these programmes through underwriting or sponsorship dollars.

“Marketing with Heart” pillars

Once you’ve had that “aha” moment with ...


5 digital video lessons learned in 2015 that will shape media strategies in 2016

12 January 2016 · By Philippe Guay

  1. Mobile video consumption continues to surge.

    Sports fans are habitually turning to their smartphones and tablets to view game highlights and updates for their favourite leagues, teams, and players. And, according to research by AOL on video consumption, viewers in general are more likely to watch videos on a mobile device because of its convenience (screen size is a secondary factor and generally growing in size).

    In October alone, SendtoNews displayed more than 135 million video views to its North American audience, about 13 million of which were on mobile.

    The mobile video market sector became relevant to digital advertisers during 2015, representing almost 40% of the total advertising spend. For brands and publishers that want to be front and center where their audiences are most engaged, mobile-optimised video advertising must play a role in ...

Creating the perfect experience to maximise RPM, avoid ad blockers

03 January 2016 · By Wayne Morgan

Why does everything have to be a challenge all the time? All I want to do is come to work, spend time with good people, work up ideas, create, build, and execute beautifully. It should be so easy.

Digital publishing – no, publishing – by its very nature is challenging. Trying to dig out the perfect audience with content they love so your advertisers reach the people they want to is not simple.

The reader pays a bit, the advertiser pays a bit, and they all keep paying so you have a business. All you have to do next is be the best at it in your market.

Then, along comes digital – a massive opportunity – and you apply the same methodology, only this time you aren’t the best, the model is different, and everyone wants it for free. Your competitors appear out of nowhere and their companies grow enormous using your model – only they do it better.

For us folk at printed media companies ...


Strategic partnerships are key to growing advertising revenue in 2016

20 December 2015 · By Adam Burnham

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the emerging revenue opportunities for media companies. While there’s plenty of money being invested in online programmatic buying and emerging platforms like mobile and social, capturing that opportunity can be burdensome for these organisations.

Building out technology platforms requires considerable time and investment – two things many organisations simply can’t afford at this juncture. After all, these are organisations that are trying to turn a profit without making sacrifices to their newsrooms and core consumer products.

It is difficult to invest in things that aren’t a core competency and, further, challenging to have the patience and financial stability to make them work.

That makes this the most important time for news media organisations to consider the power of partnerships. With mobile, programmatic selling, and audience targeting emerging as major revenue opportunities, a strategic partnership may be the easiest way to capitalise on these sophisticated capabilities.

But venturing into the world of partnerships is a tricky proposition in itself. Many large media organisations already ...


11 things publishers should consider regarding programmatic advertising

07 December 2015 · By Wayne Morgan

  1. Don’t just see yourself as a supplier of inventory. Publishers have so much more to offer than that. Publishers have reader relationships, and publishers have advertiser relationships. This means publishers are in the perfect position to benefit from programmatic advertising – more so than anything else to come along so far.

  2. Programmatic advertising is a battle for market share. This is not just within display advertising, but a fight for all digital marketing budgets. Publishers can take a piece of that, even from the big boys.

  3. Data is everything, and audience is data. As a publisher, you are in a position to speak to your readers on ...

Shifting the editorial mindset to unlock revenues through video

06 December 2015 · By Philippe Guay

There is a universal understanding that all reporters must report events as quickly as possible with credibility.

In the sports world, this means monitoring the games, tournaments, and off-court developments (and antics) of leagues, teams, and players and sharing this news with their readership. It typically involves researching and writing a compelling story and then scrambling to locate related imagery and video content to support and enhance this new editorial.

A recent article in AdWeek highlights the growth of a player like Bleacher Report and its ability to capture these moments:

“Journalism has been forced to keep up with sites like Bleacher Report,” says Jason Sullivan, executive vice president and managing director at Publicis Seattle. “It has the urgency of Twitter, the ability to use localisation to follow your favourite team, and a constantly improving level of quality and ...


Valuable data integration means high-value mapping results for your advertisers

03 December 2015 · By Darrell Kunken

Maps are so important to us that I’m writing about them again (see my earlier post).

It seems like everyone loves a good map. Maps help us get from one place to another. They help us visualise data and are a powerful resource for storytelling.

Today, with a nearly unimaginable amount of data available, and data decision making becoming the norm, we are building value by integrating actionable data sets into more sophisticated mapping.

Mark Benson, cartographer for Bee Media, is in charge of creating a flexible, fluid mapping environment that helps us develop more opportunities for our clients.

By flexible and fluid, I mean up-to-date (and updatable), interchangeable data sets that cross various levels of geography and data points. Data points that include competitor locations, opt-in customer locations, drive time to store buffers, and available localised digital or print media buys.

Some of the questions and important points we want to ...


Media companies should take their own advice when it comes to digital marketing

24 November 2015 · By Brooke Christofferson with assistance from Chris Coan

In an increasingly competitive digital marketing services environment, Gannett’s Central Group of media organisations recognised a need to be much bolder in the way it positioned itself from a B2B marketing standpoint.

A key pillar of Gannett’s value proposition is integrated marketing expertise. To demonstrate this capability, the company needed a way to overcome the misperception of being print-centric and be top of mind for local businesses looking for digital marketing solutions.

In early 2013, a strategy was put together to develop a proof of concept in one key market. There were two main components to the strategy:

  1. Increase search ranking around key digital product offerings. 

  2. Demonstrate the ability to “walk the walk” by developing robust B2B thought-leader content for Web, social, and blog channels.

A vast majority of purchasing decision makers were conducting extensive research online when looking for a marketing services provider. It was paramount that local businesses ...


Print vs. digital content clash: A tale of two burning ends of a rope

15 November 2015 · By Wayne Morgan

My articles are primarily focused at online advertising innovation for the traditional media industry, a worthy cause.

I wonder who my reader might sometimes be: Is it a digital professional already converted to the cause, a c-suite executive catching and looking for angles and opportunities, or an editor or ad manager looking to improve his knowledge or undertaking some desk research for a business plan or idea – each of them delighted with the piece as I am sure you are right now, looking forward to the prospect of where this is headed.

This post is slightly different. I am not going to share any opinion of programmatic advertising, ad blocking, or native content solutions but focus more on the evolution of the sector ... or lack thereof.

This is a true story without exaggeration, and it got me thinking about ...


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