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Why data is essential in all advertising sales discussions

13 April 2016 · By Darrell Kunken

I’ve been posting a lot about using data and maps, and the advantages that intelligence brings to the table.

The other side of having great data is just as important. What do you do with the intelligence the data brings?

The best sales people provide all available information to their clients.

What good is all of the information if you don’t ...


News companies don’t need to compromise editorial integrity for native advertising

06 April 2016 · By Wayne Morgan

Native advertising, content marketing, advertorial ... whatever you call it, customers are turning to words and pictures as a method of getting their messages across more and more.

Some people would say it’s the antidote to adblocking, which, obviously, it isn’t, but it does help.

The reality is, it works — and, yes, it needs to be labeled appropriately, especially in the European Union. And rightly so, but that shouldn’t stop it from being any less engaging.

Native advertising can be beneficial to news brands and appealing to readers.

There are a plethora of revenue streams — your own direct products and third-party demand — that are increasingly becoming programmatic.

The trick you need to perform for your customers is the distribution of engaging content. There’s no point in having a beautiful piece of content if no one reads it. Do you ...


Do you really mean partner when discussing advertising partnerships?

31 March 2016 · By Wayne Morgan

“Partnership” is a great word — and in the land of digital there are hundreds of them. But why does it seem that digital advertising partners really mean partnership when all too often people think they mean supplier or vendor?

As a publisher, you probably have a proud brand heritage, possibly built over hundreds of years. And you are right to be proud.

However, the landscape has changed, especially the advertising business.

There is a great opportunity in fostering partnerships instead of maintaining strict vendor-supplier relationships.

The lines between customer and supplier have become blurred. Direct sales aside, the way in which ad demand can be delivered to your Web sites has changed so much that the people who place advertising with you treat you as the ...


6 important elements for your media company’s digital video playbook

29 March 2016 · By Philippe Guay

Digital video advertising spend is expected to reach almost US$13 billion in the United States alone by 2018, and companies need to have a solid plan to give audience members what they want with efficient monetisation.

Do you truly understand what video content will engage your audience members? How about what content will make them come back again and again — and stay on your site once they arrive?

Companies need to understand the video content that truly resonates with audiences.

Are you also making sure that your video delivery is meeting advertisers’ expectations regarding key metrics like viewability or completion rate?

At SendtoNews, delivering a plan that addresses these questions is what we call our Digital Video Playbook. For each of our publishing partners, we try to understand six key elements to ...


5 best practices from Gannett playbook drive advertising sales excellence

21 March 2016 · By Brooke Christofferson

Every media organisation is trying to understand what drives sales performance. At Gannett, we have developed our world-class sales playbook as our guide on this journey.

Our playbook lays out the expectations, responsibilities, and tools that guide our sales organisation forward. A couple key tools we live and die by are our sales standards and business KPIs.

Gannett's most successful teams utilise resources throughout the organisation.

Our standards set the expectations for ...


Google Earth saves time, improves ad sales support at Bee Media

01 March 2016 · By Darrell Kunken

At Bee Media, we often have requests from the sales division for maps of local sales territories. Sales managers and sales reps use maps to visualise their territories, plan trips with multiple stops/calls, and know where their boundary ends and their colleague’s begins.

While updating maps using MapInfo results in a nice, hard copy product, it is often outdated very quickly.

Experience has shown that we have historically spent a significant amount of time reproducing updated versions of maps whenever territories or reps change.

Google Earth has allowed advertising representatives to be more accurate and efficient.

To improve this process, our cartographer, Mark Benson, came up with a more efficient solution, enabling us to steer away from the time-intensive street ...


News media companies have unique opportunity with digital TMC products

22 February 2016 · By Lynne Brennen

When we think of total market coverage (TMC) products, we think print.

Shoppers. Untargeted due to operational constraints. Old school.

News organisations can take advantage of existing assets to develop the next generation of TMC products, online.

Companies can and should use marketing tactics via all digital and print channels.

Over the past few years, news organisations have invested in online marketing and campaign management tools to help grow print and digital subscriptions. These digital capabilities, whether they are hosted, in-house, or through strategic partnerships, provide online portals for subscriber management and engagement; e-mail and campaign management for real-time, targeted communication; SEM support; and e-commerce functionality.

With some organisational alignment, these same marketing tools can be used to create a digital TMC product, just more targeted, efficient, and effective.

Typically, subscription marketing tools are ...


5 digital video trends to watch in 2016

14 February 2016 · By Philippe Guay

Now that you’ve settled into 2015, it’s time to make sure your video strategy is shored up. Here are 10 trends to watch this year:

1. Tougher viewability standards: Your video strategy needs to ensure content is front and center with your audience to deliver the best viewability possible. Long gone are the days of small side-rail players that auto-play below the fold.

According to a recent article in Advertising Age: “GroupM and Unilever only count display impressions where 100% of an ad is in view for any length of time and video where 100% of the player is in view; at least half the ad plays; the sound is on; and a person actually clicks to start it.”

Those standards are a lot tougher than the Media Rating Council standards, and you can expect more brands and agencies to jump on this bandwagon.

Mobile considerations are an absolute must for media interested in pursuing video opportunities.

2. Mobile, mobile, mobile: Enough said. Now that mobile has surpassed desktop in terms of where users consume their video content, your video strategy needs to be ...


Why sales enablement strategy + technology = increased ad revenue

11 February 2016 · By Adam Burnham

News media organisations have struggled to grow their revenue over the past decade, with the Internet putting a major dent in print advertising revenue and digital video quickly doing the same for traditional television.

This change has led many media organisations to experiment with a wide variety of strategies to grow revenue, sometimes choosing to focus their strategy around short-term gains and media fads over long-term solutions.

And, while this strategy is fine, if you employ a fail-fast mentality, it can be taxing.

While emerging technology and digital platforms are vital parts of the news media’s future, and undeniably deserve a place in any revenue strategy, they should not be the focus of any strategy. In this era of digital-first media, revenue strategy should stem from one thing — sales enablement.

You are not a technology company, so don’t think you can become one. You produce and deliver content. So let’s find the best way to do that and monetise it.

Media companies need to deliver content while still finding something meaningful to sell.

Media organisations will always rely on their sales force to deliver revenue, and that remains true even in the face of uncertain times and shifting ...


Is your news media company supporting a profitable sales team?

08 February 2016 · By Wayne Morgan

Your sales team is an asset. You invest time and money in making them effective. But are you really supporting them to be as profitable as possible?

Let’s assume you don’t have lazy, ineffective sales people who can’t string two words together because you were so desperate to fill a vacancy. By asset, I mean the guys that consistently score business for your publishing company.

How easy do you make their lives? How easy can you make their lives? Not only are they trying to sell print advertising and some digital products, but you will soon be expecting them to sell solutions that will probably include programmatic advertising, unless you are going for a standalone digital sales team.

Even then, how easy is it for those guys?

Media-related advertising has become increasingly complicated in recent years.

Advertising products are going to become more targeted, and ...


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