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6 reasons to reconsider time spent with media when considering ad placement

22 July 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

Time spent with media seems to be the hot topic based on the number of times I have been shown this chart of Internet trends, created by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. The chart details the amount of time spent with a medium compared with ad dollars spent in the United States.

People argue that newspapers get too many advertising dollars for time spent with that particular medium. This is one statistic from one source. It is one piece of the puzzle – like only considering hair colour when looking at the overall population.

  1. Consider how strange it is to look at time spent. If we analysed most people’s days in terms of time spent, the conclusion would be that we love working and sleeping. Both activities are a necessity for most people, but not ...

Sacramento Bee creates easy, interactive brochure to help advertising staff sell audiences

17 July 2014 · by Darrell Kunken

p dir="ltr">

As the industry fights to maintain and build revenues, sales staff is increasingly expected to know more about, and sell more of, a portfolio of products.

Sales today, is not, selling a product or two.

Today, the account manager’s world is one of options. Options that can be molded into a proposal once the business goals and opportunities are clearly understood.

But for some, these options can overwhelm. And a large portfolio can certainly overwhelm and confuse a business owner. So the role of the salesperson is to develop a proposed marketing plan that establishes a marketing path based on logical, factual decision-making.

The part of sales that I believe hasn’t changed is where the battle is ultimately won or lost: presenting yourself as the expert consultant; telling your story better than the competition; making the compelling, logical argument that makes good business sense.

It’s sometimes easier said than done.


Creative advertising vs. automated templates: like apples and oranges

09 July 2014 · by Adam Burnham

When you think about creativity or creative design, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it technology? Or is it something else?

For me, it is Apple.

Back in the day, when I attended journalism school at the University of Missouri, most of the teaching in the advertising sequence focused on the value of creativity. It is the core of all advertising.

When I think about Apple, I think about a company that redefined itself as being “cool” through creativity, and you can see that in something as simple as the evolution of their logo:

Nike as well:

This has resonated with me as a key value in my career in advertising, and I hope it carries the same importance with others.  

Today we are starting to see a few technology offerings that create both a self-service and an automated solution for creating advertising. This tech is cool, for sure, but ...


What makes digital video advertising profitable? Content, context, placement

01 July 2014 · by Greg Bobolo

There’s gold in online video. An estimated 85% of Internet users regularly watch video. Consequently, online video ad spend is experiencing a similar upward arc.

According to a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) survey, American advertisers will spend 17% more on digital video in 2014 than they did in 2012, and the migration of ad dollars from televsion to digital video continues unabated. This year, for the first time ever, digital video spend nearly matched TV spending.

However, to ensure digital video doesn’t become a race to the bottom of the advertising bargain barrel, publishers and video producers must...


Research shows if engagement is what it’s all about, print newspapers deliver

09 June 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

Currently all media wrestle with what is the right metric to measure – readership, clicks, time spent, etc. In the online and social media circle, engagement is the latest trend.

This begs the question: Why not study engagement across media and see how each one stacks up? At Newspapers Canada (the industry association), we did exactly that.

We chose 11 characteristics for media engagement, seven general engagement statements and four focused on ...


Data visualisation: sales presentation to sales conversation

03 June 2014 · by Darrell Kunken

I know I’ve already written a couple of posts on data visualisation. But I want to share some recent experiences.

Data visualisation is a great way to enter the Big Data space and help bring an organisation forward into using large data sets more effectively in an effort to improve business practices and positive outcomes.

In my opinion, the No. 1  reason data visualisation can make a quick positive impact is because one can attack smaller tactical projects that can show an immediate positive impact.

At The Bee in Sacramento, California, we have some kind of data visualisation project supporting ...


Now is the time for bold revenue diversification at media companies of all sizes

22 May 2014 · by Tyler Mack

David Kelley, founder and chairman of IDEO, was one of the more compelling speakers at this year’s INMA World Congress conference.

INMA always does a nice job including several speakers at its events who provide a distinctly outsider perspective, and Mr. Kelley was a good example of this practice. 

Kelley explained his approach to creating an idea-friendly atmosphere by reacting to new ideas with an “I like” or “I wish” beginning to sentences. In that vein, in reaction to this year’s World Congress event, I would say I liked the ideas I heard from several news media groups. And I wish my small, independent media company had the ...


Why following your hometown sports hero could lead to digital advertising dollars

14 May 2014 · by Greg Bobolo

Marketers have long recognised the value of hyper-locality and connecting with consumers via messages that resonate strongly on a local, city-by-city, neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood level.

The digital universe has redefined hyper-locality, and these days there’s a gold rush of digital content that newspaper publishers can welcome as a bright star on the horizon.

The concept of hitting grassroots, hyper-local markets has always been key, but scale has been the challenge.

Now — within the digital landscape — connecting to local and hyperlocal.coms with high-quality, relevant local content is easier. And marketers have the ability to attach their brands to that content in a variety of ways.

Digital media now makes these marketing opportunities accessible with scale, and this is the holy grail for advertisers.

Digital data — given proper context, interpretation, and presentation — allows publishers to drill deep into previously untapped hyper-local markets. It’s a ...


What are the drivers of growth, sustainability in the media industry? Information and innovation

08 May 2014 · by Barbara Cohen

I recently attended the INMA European Advertising Ideas Day conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was struck by two themes — information and innovation.

While neither is new, reviewing them here provides a good opportunity to reflect on the progress news media leadership is making in the two areas.

Let’s start with information.

Several presentations touched on Big Data, media behaviour research, and shared advertising impact. All provoked the same question to me: Have newsmedia companies truly reflected the importance of systematic collection and use of information as integral to the business and, in particular, to the relationships with advertisers and business customers?

One way to address this is to describe what it would look like if the industry were truly information-driven.

  • IT infrastructure would receive significant investment (or there would be important outsourcing relationships).

  • Analysts and the “numbers” people would be heroes and involved in decision making ... not just in finance. Some actually would be salespeople.


The new normal among Canadian media brands: innovation

22 April 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

Down 5%. Down 13%. Down 9%. What I am I referring to? Stock declines … for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, respectively, in the last week.

What did you think I was talking about?

Some think of newspapers as an old, challenged industry, and even newspapers themselves don’t give themselves enough credit.

Newspapers are doing it – and I don’t mean declining.

As an industry, innovation is the new normal. There are robust and exciting new programmes and initiatives springing up every day.

Don’t believe me? Let me take you on a quick tour.

The Grid, despite being lauded as one of the world’s best designed newspapers by the Society for News Design — and for the third year in a row, I might add — is not resting on its laurels. It has re-designed its tabloid dimensions for a narrower look and is shifting its content away from arts and lifestyle content toward more “hyper-local” news.


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