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Gannett uses data to shift advertising strategy from selling to partnering

28 July 2015 · by Brooke Christofferson

Gannett has been successful in using data and insights to optimise campaigns for key local advertising customers. The strategy has helped reduce churn, but most importantly has helped Gannett’s customers really understand how to best connect and convert their ideal customer with their marketing strategy.

This is really putting into the action the strategy of shifting the sales organisation from product sellers to strategic business partners.

One case study is a regional amusement park in the Midwest part of the United States with a target market focused on people in a regional geographic area with school-aged children school. Although the client has an agency, they reached out directly to discuss capabilities and request a formal proposal.

A campaign was outlined including multiple digital products and print. The client’s goals were to build brand awareness in the regional area and ultimately drive ...


Sports marketing specialisation hits passionate demographic

22 July 2015 · by Greg Bobolo

Digital media has dramatically changed both the ways sports organisations and athletes engage with fans, and also how brands are able to leverage the power of sports to meet marketing objectives.

That’s why an increasing number of marketing agencies are creating sports specialists within their organisations, like OMD’s Optimum Sports and the newly announced ESP division of Group M/WPP. The Optimum Sports group is tasked with selecting media buys and building brand relationships with sports properties. ESP is focused on consulting for various sports-focused businesses.

From a brand marketing and advertising perspective, sports are simply too important to be left in the hands of non-experts who lack an intimate understanding of the sector. Globally, sports generate more than US$145 billion in revenue. And, according to <a title="Nielsen's 2014 Year in Sports ...


Advertisers invited to Bee Lab to discuss strategy, data, engagement

28 June 2015 · by Darrell Kunken

The Age of the Customer requires a different approach to marketing.

Decisions are made driven by research and data. Data is the currency of today’s approach.

Success depends on ...


Mad Men of today are digital

14 June 2015 · by Greg Bobolo

Mad Men — the television drama that gave us an inside look at the 1960s era of advertising and all its evolving social, political, and gender issues — is over.

Despite the then accepted habit of downing cocktails for lunch and returning to the office with an afternoon buzz, the Mad Men of Madison Avenue’s advertising heyday got one thing right: A good idea is a good idea, regardless of era and technology.

During the Mad Men days, when consumers had very little if not zero choice in media, advertising creatives and marketers could afford to become complacent and witless.

No such luxury exists today.

Contemporary Mad Men are digital professionals with expertise in social, local, and mobile strategies. They’re tech savvy and dress the part. In fact, the term “creatives” is looking as dusty as the advertising agency office environment ruled by the ambitious likes of ...


To bring in digital advertising revenue, media companies must provide audience

27 May 2015 · by Adam Burnham

The recipe for a healthy business usually involves meeting demand with steady supply. But sometimes, high demand outgrows a limited supply, creating a premium. This is something that certain parties in the media world have thrived on, and it’s how you end up charging US$4.4 million for a 30-second television spot during the Super Bowl.

But newspapers have never really followed this practice. Selling more ads results in printing more pages. If there are orders for additional full- or quarter- page ads, the newspaper will take the advertisers’ money and produce articles to go around those ads. Ads are sold by sizes, and ...


The debate between short-form, long-form video

18 May 2015 · by Greg Bobolo

There’s no turning back.

Consumers are spending less and less time on personal computers and televisions, listening to radios, and reading newspapers, and more and more time on mobile devices consuming short-form video content.

Short-form video is chipping away at the traditional long-form content on television, a medium that still absorbs an estimated 360 billion hours of viewing time annually. That means traditional long-form still has a long way to fall – and fall it will.

The numbers are compelling: This year adults in the United States are spending on average 5.5 hours watching video every day, according to new figures from eMarketer. Digital video viewing across all devices is driving growth.

In 2011, time spent with video on digital devices, which includes PCs, mobile devices, and other connected technology like over-the-top (OTT) and game consoles, totaled 21 minutes ...


Proof cross-channel advertising works

05 May 2015 · by Darrell Kunken

How nice it is to be able to share with an advertising client the fact that its advertising campaign with you is, in fact, driving up awareness, interest, and research about its product.

Tracking campaign performance is becoming essential to proving the value of the advertising exposure we sell.

This case study is an example that not only proves that cross-channel advertising exposure is producing customer leads, but that the customer prospects engaging with the advertising are the right type of high-quality leads desired.

Following a presentation on the results of its customer file analysis from our McClatchy Customer Data Center (MCDC) analyst, the advertising client better understood its market opportunity segments.

Larger budgets were adjusted to build a more comprehensive marketing campaign that employed multiple targeting options across tangible and digital exposure channels.

The ad campaign included tracking mechanisms that enabled us to provide performance metrics to the client. Below is an illustration from our impress Local dashboard that shows the impact on the client’s Web site traffic when various ad campaign elements were placed in the market.

The client’s Web site performance demonstrated impact (spikes) as consumers took action after being exposed to a variety of ad channels. From digital premium news network ads to newspaper inserts, then digital retargeting and a post-it ad programme, each event created an activity spike.


Republic Media winning locally with multi-platform rental advertising

28 April 2015 · by Brooke Christofferson

On a national level, the apartment rental field is crowded with Zillow/Trulia,, Apartment Guide, For Rent, Apartment Finder, and, all vying for market share.

Local news organisations have struggled to capture a share of this business segment. Republic Media (The Arizona Republic) saw an opportunity to leverage its competitive advantage of local visibility and a multi-platform approach to connect apartment communities with local renters. launched in April to capture this opportunity. It is a responsive, video-centric Web site designed to help active rental seekers choose their next home. The site highlights greater Phoenix apartment communities with high-end custom videos and connects renters with real-time availability and pricing., along with Google+/map optimisation, is one of the core products for rentals at Republic Media.

Objectives for the site include:

  • Re-capture and grow rental advertising revenue and ...

Great advertising packaging targets strategic people at strategic time

20 April 2015 · by Adam Burnham

Advertising today is not a one-channel operation. Any media entity still focused solely on its legacy core ad offering is already getting left behind.

Television can’t sell time; it needs to sell Web sites and marketing services. Newspapers cannot simply sell print; they need to sell online. No matter how important the core offering remains, industry trends show a need to expand.

Most media entities know this, so they’ve moved on to the next question – “What should we be selling?” – while trying to devise a playbook to expand offerings and remain viable in an Internet-focused world.

To get there, these media companies need to put careful consideration not only into what products to sell, but how those products connect and complement one another and fit the needs of their customers.

Let’s look at newspapers specifically. The most obvious extension for newspapers’ sales teams is ...


8 news media innovators with bold initiatives

15 April 2015 · by Suzanne Raitt

News media companies are engaging and exciting, and they are embracing innovative initiatives. Let me provide you with a flavour. Here are highlights of new programmes launched by newspapers in the first quarter of 2015 (and this is just Canada!).

  1. Black Press: The newspaper group launched, an online crowdfunding initiative for charitable causes. Fundraisers register on the newspaper’s Web site home page and provide details. Approved project profiles are then posted on a dedicated newspaper microsite to reach out to readers.

  2. Hamilton Spectator: Named as one of the 10 Newspapers That Do It Right by Editor & Publisher, the company has transformed its sales team into multi-media experts. Through training of staff and clients and internal motivation programmes such as the Millionaire Club, the media company also earned US$1.2 million in ...

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