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Research proves print + digital ads drive vehicle sales

26 January 2015 · by Suzanne Raitt

Vehicle advertisers need to know the facts rather than be influenced by their gut.

With this in mind, Newspapers Canada hired a third party, Totum Research, to answer the key question of what media influences vehicle purchases. A total of 2,461 interviews were undertaken, and the results are fascinating – proving the power of newspaper advertising.

First, we asked those who had bought a vehicle in the past two years about their buying process. On average, from beginning to end, it was a two-and-a-half month process. Newspapers – print and digital combined – proved to be the most impactful at every stage of the vehicle buying process, with the earliest stage (i.e. thinking about buying a vehicle) showing particular strength.

During this buying process, each newspaper medium performs well. Print newspapers scored at the top – above all else – earning first or second place at each stage out of 11 media. Newspaper Web sites earned an impressive standing at third or fourth. This element alone proves the power of newspapers to influence in this category.

Second, we asked consumers which medium triggers visits to vehicle Web sites. Three sites were tested: the manufacturer, brand/model, and dealer. We wanted to understand this as many vehicle manufacturers and dealers are looking to build their awareness and visits this way.

The research found ...


Digital value requires understanding of customer experience

06 January 2015 · by Darrell Kunken

There is no question that digital has become the leading influence for consumers and retailers.

With Thanksgiving week returns are now in, and e-commerce for the week up +26% YOY (and way up on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday), the digital marketing plan will continue to draw more time, effort, and attention from the advertising community.

Staying competitive in the digital space requires an understanding of the audience that uses various devices at various times for various reasons.

Explaining digital dynamics to our advertisers can be terribly confusing. Yet this is our opportunity to ...


3 advertising trends to prepare for in 2015

30 December 2014 · by Adam Burnham

Ready, set, go!

That’s my direction for preparing for 2015. If you are just starting now, well, you are too late. But before we look forward, let’s take a look back at 2014.

Advertisers looking for a way to reach consumers online were met with plenty of options in 2014. These options went well beyond the traditional method of handing a media entity an insertion order and looking to reach consumers.

Big Data and programmatic were the buzzwords, while channels like mobile and social expanded with vendors offering new advertising products.

At times, it felt that everyone – from nimble start-ups to established traditional media companies – was jumping on these trends to benefit advertisers. Some tried and failed, others tried and have yet to see a true measure of success, while still others have found a formula that works.

The key here is ...


6 hot bets for advertising revenue in 2015

29 December 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

As the year ends, predictions for 2015 abound. Where will newspapers source revenue in 2015? Here are six hot bets:


Most believe that mobile advertising will grow dramatically over the next few years. eMarketer predicts it will grow from its current 10% to 28% of United States ad dollars by 2018, and in Canada it predicts mobile will grow to four times its current size over the same time period.

While everyone is using mobile more and more, remove tablets from the equation and ...


Video increases in importance, social media becomes less social

09 December 2014 · by Greg Bobolo

In our business, we have been toiling with this question: Where does traditional media sit within a social media environment? With video being the fastest-growing segment in both categories, we decided to look there to find the answer.

In traditional media, video advertising dollars will rise the fastest of any digital format this year, totaling US$5.96 billion and accounting for nearly 12% of display ad spending. Furthermore, eMarketer expects video ad expenditures to more than double between 2014 and 2018.

Next year, the video flood gates will open even more as social marketers embrace video as never before. Facebook now delivers more than 1 billion video views per day. Nearly nine in 10 United States marketers are using social media marketing, placing it clearly at the core of business marketing in today’s media environment.

In early November, for the first time ever, The New York Times acknowledged that video has become more powerful than ...


McClatchy launches customer data center, provides advertisers with audience information

20 November 2014 · by Darrell Kunken

McClatchy has launched the McClatchy Customer Data Center (MCDC), a more formal analysis process for building value for advertising clients.

Print, digital, niche products — this is not what we are selling. We are selling exposure to an audience, an audience that will transact with our business partners.

MCDC brings the focus of the conversation down to the most important common denominator for any business: Who are my most valuable customers and how do I keep building my business through ...


Beyond the expected: 6 unique advertising ideas

18 November 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

News media companies deliver print and digital advertisements, of course, But today, they offer far more.

Take a look at what newspapers have done to deliver the advertiser’s message in a relevant and unique way. They are going above and beyond, partnering with advertisers to create powerful, impactful messaging to reach their target consumers:

Events: A local pub (which brews its own beer) needed to build awareness. The news media company invited the local neighbourhood in to drink beer (optional) and draw an advertisement for the pub in a blank spot it had left in 1,000 newspapers.

These newspapers, with “hand-drawn ads for handmade beer,” were delivered ...


News media companies need to act now on digital for long-term revenue strategy

06 November 2014 · by Greg Bobolo

The news about newspapers isn’t pretty.

American newspaper ad revenues have plummeted by more than US$40 billion since 2000. The Washington Post, for years considered the standard bearer in newspaper journalism, has gone from a position of immense profits that reached US$120 million annually in 1998 to annual losses of US$40 million, as reported recently in Adweek.

A failure to anticipate the digital technology revolution that would sweep the media world is partly to blame. Whatever inroads news media companies have so far been able to make with online ad revenue have not come close to offsetting the freefall of print ad revenue and have been further eroded by the proliferation of specialty media outlets.

However, it’s not too late.

Newspapers need to focus on digital, which represents the only future with possibilities. Once they do, it will become a real priority and receive the attention it needs.

Let’s look at the hard data. Worldwide newspaper ad spending continues to fall, as it has been for more than a decade. Digital ad spend surpassed print for the first time in history years ago.

Now, let’s look at ...


Revenue ideas: Design to delight like Cirque du Soleil

08 October 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

Media companies can take a page from Cirque du Soleil. Its underlying “secret sauce” – surprise and delight your audience.

Through both the editorial and the advertising, media companies have an opportunity to excite their readers every day (and make some money).

Let’s consider how.

The show itself presents the weird, the mad-cap, the unexpected, and the talented. Do we do this enough in our editorial? On the revenue side, we need to continue to offer our advertisers creative offers that will help their messages break through and create positive word of mouth (for them and for us).

In print, more advertisements with scent/scratch-n-sniff features, Augmented Reality, messages over multiple pages, fold-outs, inventive placements, and charming ads that use the day or section of the newspaper to make the ad sing.

More. More. More.

Digitally, have fun ...


Tracking ad effectiveness is key to proving news media value

07 October 2014 · by Darrell Kunken

Conversations are now more pointed.

For retail marketers, the needle is pointing in the direction that gives them measurable metrics.

Marketers duly admit that when they put an advertisement in a newspaper, an insert in certain ZIP codes, or ads on an site, their store sales see an increase.

Yet more and more, they are pushing back on using our channels for ad promotions because they “can’t measure the ROI.”

For newspaper companies, this represents a great challenge. While we know that we have the audience and the distribution capabilities to reach virtually any targeted audience or household, unless we close the loop on ...


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