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Revenue ideas: Design to delight like Cirque du Soleil

08 October 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

Media companies can take a page from Cirque du Soleil. Its underlying “secret sauce” – surprise and delight your audience.

Through both the editorial and the advertising, media companies have an opportunity to excite their readers every day (and make some money).

Let’s consider how.

The show itself presents the weird, the mad-cap, the unexpected, and the talented. Do we do this enough in our editorial? On the revenue side, we need to continue to offer our advertisers creative offers that will help their messages break through and create positive word of mouth (for them and for us).

In print, more advertisements with scent/scratch-n-sniff features, Augmented Reality, messages over multiple pages, fold-outs, inventive placements, and charming ads that use the day or section of the newspaper to make the ad sing.

More. More. More.

Digitally, have fun ...


Tracking ad effectiveness is key to proving news media value

07 October 2014 · by Darrell Kunken

Conversations are now more pointed.

For retail marketers, the needle is pointing in the direction that gives them measurable metrics.

Marketers duly admit that when they put an advertisement in a newspaper, an insert in certain ZIP codes, or ads on an site, their store sales see an increase.

Yet more and more, they are pushing back on using our channels for ad promotions because they “can’t measure the ROI.”

For newspaper companies, this represents a great challenge. While we know that we have the audience and the distribution capabilities to reach virtually any targeted audience or household, unless we close the loop on ...


Looking toward 2015: Stop being craptastic

28 September 2014 · by Adam Burnham

Ahhh, fall is here and so is budget season for those of you on a fiscal calendar year. Time for the sprint to the finish line.

In that spirit, I thought I would talk about some things to consider as you prep for 2015 from a product and sales execution perspective.

Here are some things to consider as we take a look forward.

Overall, legacy products (print, radio, television, yellow pages) will be down in 2015. It’s a non-election year my television friends.

Digital will be up, but not enough to replace legacy product losses in whole. You will need to think beyond core legacy and digital, or be prepared for further cost cutting. Your organisation will continue to evolve and will need to focus even more on core competencies of content and sales.

Since this is an innovative advertising blog, we will leave the content discussion to content experts.

From an advertising perspective, what is your plan? Will you be adding any new platforms or products for 2015? If so, how do you know ...


Real-time bidding versus programmatic direct

21 September 2014 · by Greg Bobolo

Real-time bidding (RTB) versus programmatic direct: The difference is subtle but important.

Buying and selling digital video advertising happens at light speed. But this market still needs definitions and explanation if we are going to extract the most value from premium digital video.

RTB is a non-guaranteed form of trading that’s skewed heavily in favour of the buyer but fails to account for many attributes that are considered valuable in today’s media marketplace, like the quality of video and the niche premium audience it reaches.

Programmatic direct enables a buyer to access advertising inventory and packages through a direct connect technology, eliminating the need for insertion orders or any paperwork. It also enables buying in advance at a pre-determined price for a set group of guaranteed advertising units.

It’s like buying an airline ticket directly through an airline, or booking a hotel room directly ...


6 strategic ways to use advertising in print media

02 September 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

Print media can be used in innovative ways to deliver an advertiser’s message. Read through the examples presented or watch the video instead.

Reminder: What brand to buy? What to do this weekend? Newspapers provide a recap of the latest news and information so it’s a perfect fit.

Bounce presents hydro-electric towers in the shape of clothes – and the connection is made. Splashdown Waterpark delivers a smile with its ad presenting a playful version of the “aftermath.”

Branding: Procter & Gamble, which owns Bounce, has consistently advertised its brands in newspapers over the last couple of years demonstrating ...


Sacramento Bee uses metrics to prove print advertising success

20 August 2014 · by Darrell Kunken

With offices and showrooms around the world, Granite Transformations is an advertiser offering new alternatives to traditional countertops, backsplashes, floors, and more.

With the ongoing goal of continuous improvement, Amy Gerstmar, the company’s Sacramento Bee account manager, has used data to help Granite Transformations achieve an even more effective, diversified advertising programme this year.

In 2013, Granite Transformations was a full-page advertiser (two or three times a month). It also placed an ad in our B Street Theater programme and did an occasional e-mail blast for contests and promotions.

This year, Amy brought Granite Transformations into our dashboard to provide the company with a view of the performance metrics resulting from ...


Making the case for private advertising exchanges for online video

12 August 2014 · by Greg Bobolo

Open, automated advertisement buying markets seem to make sense. After all, who could disagree with the goal of increased efficiencies and lower costs?

However, online video, especially premium sports content that premium advertisers love to associate with, has long been undervalued in the marketplace due to real-time bidding and ...


6 reasons to reconsider time spent with media when considering ad placement

22 July 2014 · by Suzanne Raitt

Time spent with media seems to be the hot topic based on the number of times I have been shown this chart of Internet trends, created by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. The chart details the amount of time spent with a medium compared with ad dollars spent in the United States.

People argue that newspapers get too many advertising dollars for time spent with that particular medium. This is one statistic from one source. It is one piece of the puzzle – like only considering hair colour when looking at the overall population.

  1. Consider how strange it is to look at time spent. If we analysed most people’s days in terms of time spent, the conclusion would be that we love working and sleeping. Both activities are a necessity for most people, but not ...

Sacramento Bee creates easy, interactive brochure to help advertising staff sell audiences

17 July 2014 · by Darrell Kunken

p dir="ltr">

As the industry fights to maintain and build revenues, sales staff is increasingly expected to know more about, and sell more of, a portfolio of products.

Sales today, is not, selling a product or two.

Today, the account manager’s world is one of options. Options that can be molded into a proposal once the business goals and opportunities are clearly understood.

But for some, these options can overwhelm. And a large portfolio can certainly overwhelm and confuse a business owner. So the role of the salesperson is to develop a proposed marketing plan that establishes a marketing path based on logical, factual decision-making.

The part of sales that I believe hasn’t changed is where the battle is ultimately won or lost: presenting yourself as the expert consultant; telling your story better than the competition; making the compelling, logical argument that makes good business sense.

It’s sometimes easier said than done.


Creative advertising vs. automated templates: like apples and oranges

09 July 2014 · by Adam Burnham

When you think about creativity or creative design, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it technology? Or is it something else?

For me, it is Apple.

Back in the day, when I attended journalism school at the University of Missouri, most of the teaching in the advertising sequence focused on the value of creativity. It is the core of all advertising.

When I think about Apple, I think about a company that redefined itself as being “cool” through creativity, and you can see that in something as simple as the evolution of their logo:

Nike as well:

This has resonated with me as a key value in my career in advertising, and I hope it carries the same importance with others.  

Today we are starting to see a few technology offerings that create both a self-service and an automated solution for creating advertising. This tech is cool, for sure, but ...


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