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Great advertising packaging targets strategic people at strategic time

20 April 2015 · by Adam Burnham

Advertising today is not a one-channel operation. Any media entity still focused solely on its legacy core ad offering is already getting left behind.

Television can’t sell time; it needs to sell Web sites and marketing services. Newspapers cannot simply sell print; they need to sell online. No matter how important the core offering remains, industry trends show a need to expand.

Most media entities know this, so they’ve moved on to the next question – “What should we be selling?” – while trying to devise a playbook to expand offerings and remain viable in an Internet-focused world.

To get there, these media companies need to put careful consideration not only into what products to sell, but how those products connect and complement one another and fit the needs of their customers.

Let’s look at newspapers specifically. The most obvious extension for newspapers’ sales teams is ...


8 news media innovators with bold initiatives

15 April 2015 · by Suzanne Raitt

News media companies are engaging and exciting, and they are embracing innovative initiatives. Let me provide you with a flavour. Here are highlights of new programmes launched by newspapers in the first quarter of 2015 (and this is just Canada!).

  1. Black Press: The newspaper group launched, an online crowdfunding initiative for charitable causes. Fundraisers register on the newspaper’s Web site home page and provide details. Approved project profiles are then posted on a dedicated newspaper microsite to reach out to readers.

  2. Hamilton Spectator: Named as one of the 10 Newspapers That Do It Right by Editor & Publisher, the company has transformed its sales team into multi-media experts. Through training of staff and clients and internal motivation programmes such as the Millionaire Club, the media company also earned US$1.2 million in ...

Bee Labs encourages collaborative thinking

12 April 2015 · by Darrell Kunken

Bee Labs is a place. It’s a room where collaborative thinking is taking place at the Sacramento Bee. The idea is really the work of Sean McMahon, our director of digital.

People sign up for a time to meet and discuss ideas and brainstorm how to solve a problem originating from any division of the company – news, audience, advertising – or even from working directly with clients on business issues.

While this is not something new ...


Video viewability is key to engagement, revenue opportunities

24 March 2015 · by Greg Bobolo

We all know this is digital video’s time in the sun.

Magna Global reports that digital media now accounts for 30% of United States advertising spending, up 15% over 2014. Video increased 39% and is expected to increasingly fuel the exodus of television ad dollars to the digital realm. As the digital video market matures, so to will segmentation and differentiation of the market. Premium video content will surge to the forefront and attract premium CPMs from top brand advertisers.

It’s clear that brands are starting to place increasing value on the qualitative nature of video content. For example, if buyers can only source official NASCAR, Major League Baseball (MLB), or Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) tour highlights from a single source with exclusive distribution rights, I believe they will start to recognise the value. In this space, digitial video sports video is ...


Democrat and Chronicle, YMCA challenge legacy brand perceptions

16 March 2015 · by Brooke Christofferson

Editors note: Brooke brought in guest blogger and Gannett colleague Dennis Floss, director of marketing at the Democrat and Chronicle Media Group, for this weeks post.

In Rochester, New York – like many communities across North America – two of the most easily recognised brands, and perhaps least understood, are the YMCA and the local newspaper.

Both share legacy perceptions by their communities that do not reflect their current business models.

So, when the YMCA of Greater Rochester teamed up with Gannett’s Democrat and Chronicle Media Group, one of the first things put on the table was the challenge of leveraging 160+ years of brand recognition while bringing a message of change to the market.

In Rochester, the challenge was to help the client stop losing members.

The YMCA had experienced a significant decline in membership in ...


6 reasons to advertise in newspapers

08 March 2015 · by Suzanne Raitt

Newspapers, both print and digital, offer key benefits to advertisers that are not delivered by other media options. They are powerful and present advertisers with the opportunity to deliver messages in a trusted, engaging environment.

Readers trust the ads: Nielsen finds that advertisements in newspapers continue to be among the most trusted forms of advertising. Newspapers provide an environment that offers clout. Both in print and digitally, newspapers are taken seriously – and so are the ads.

Readers want the ads: Consumers were asked their reasons for reading their local newspapers. The top three answers: local news, local events, and the ads (from Totum Research on behalf of Newspapers Canada, October 2013).

Newspapers are one of the few places where readers want and expect advertisements. They are part of the content. In many media, consumers go ...


Wanted: Sales people empowered by management to sell

01 March 2015 · by Adam Burnham

Legacy media companies today are quickly learning that legacy alone doesn’t equate to success in a crowded, evolving landscape. While some have existed for decades, maybe even a century, they are now forced to re-examine their core philosophies.

It’s more important than ever to try new and different things. Experimentation is necessary, and that can sometimes result in failure. Still, media organisations looking to maintain or grow revenue need to experiment.

And like I always say, it is okay to fail, just fail fast. And move on.

Having run large sales organisations throughout my career, one thing that has become clear to me is we need to give our best sales people more time to sell. If I was running a media company, I would prioritise the sales organisation and provide anything and everything they need to help make the sale.

You no longer sell the same products you used to, so why have you not upgraded your sales model?

Think about it: There is almost nothing more important to a media company right now than the strategic and tactical ways its sales team generates revenue. But most companies are handcuffing their team without even realising it.

One place to start is ...


Think like your customer’s customer

25 February 2015 · by Darrell Kunken

As the world sprints head long into an ever more digitally interactive environment, understanding consumer behaviour deserves a lot more attention.

Correctly predicting consumer behaviour can be the difference between a winning or losing campaign strategy.

When consumers are online researching products, they are a hot lead if you can connect with them. They are actively engaged in the process of learning (researching) as they prepare to make a purchase decision.

Depending on the product or service, consumers are going to do one of two things when presented with ...


5 digital video trends to watch in 2015

17 February 2015 · by Greg Bobolo

One need look no further than Super Bowl XLIX for a reminder that digital video is hot and will only get hotter in 2015.

This year’s version of the American football classic drew 114.5 million views, topping 2014’s record audience of 112.2 million that tuned in. The highlights generated from this year’s nail biter of a Super Bowl represent a bonanza in premium short-form digital video highlights and other premium content that advertisers love. Closer to home, the SendtoNews’ NFL network saw a 50% increase year over year.

Here’s what I expect to see in the rapidly growing and evolving domain of short-form digital video during ...


Gannett helps advertisers grow, brings in revenue with customised strategic services

02 February 2015 · by Brooke Christofferson

Serving local customers in a way that differentiates Gannett from its local media competitors is a key strategic initiative. An in-house strategic team was created several years ago to accomplish just this. In the middle of 2014, the structure and role was slightly redefined, but the mission stayed the same.

The client solutions teams imbedded in Gannett’s local media organisations are focused on bringing all of the tools to bear on local accounts to grow their business, while also growing revenue in its local markets.

This can include brand development, primary and secondary research ...


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