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How mobile advertising math adds up to profit for media companies

30 September 2015 · By Adam Burnham

Infographics showing differences in online traffic between mobile devices and desktop computers.

Mobile Internet access is changing the way people consume online content. If you don’t know that already, you must have been living under a rock for the last decade, because nowhere is this more evident than in the news media business.

In fact, 39 of the top 50 digital news sites get more mobile traffic than desktop traffic, according to the Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media 2015 report.

This consumption trend has a huge impact on the sales strategy for nearly every news media organisation. There are some crystal clear takeaways, like the fact that every content-focused organisation now needs a mobile platform.

But some pieces are less obvious, and that has a lot of folks in the news media business scared. Many organisations are just getting caught up with online ad sales, and now suddenly have to pivot and figure out if mobile will dilute their revenue.

It doesn’t have to, though, provided news media organisations are willing to tackle a balancing act between revenue and ...


Why the cartographer is a key member of the Sacramento Bee’s ad sales staff

22 September 2015 · By Darrell Kunken

Maps and geography are an incredibly important part of telling our story, even in the digital age.

At The Sacramento Bee, we employ at cartographer and other staff members who have degrees and certificates in geographic information systems (GIS). This pays dividends in the resulting visuals and database capabilities we add to the arsenal.

Cartographers create dynamic visuals that are an important part of our proposals and storytelling. Mark Benson, our cartographer, is building out our base mapping layers to include important, actionable data.

The Sacramento Bee's area block group map that helps in proposal and storytelling purposes.

For example, an area block group map that illustrates the year a home was built (age of the home) can be used to segment areas with older homes that may be great target areas for ...


Content, programmatic ad delivery must be in sync using strong data

08 September 2015 · By Wayne Morgan

Precise content and target are key for successful programmatic ad delivery.

How do you create a content plan around programmatic ad delivery without putting the integrity of your media brand at risk?

Data will need to flow through the veins of a media organisation like oxygen to a person.

An advertiser wants to reach a particular person, and all around you are platforms that are building pools of those very people and learning about their intent to buy.

Directories are able to build “in the moment” groups of people who are actually looking for products. Search engines offer a similar picture, and social media platforms know the person and his likes, dislikes, and habits.

Imagine an e-commerce platform that has lost a sale at the basket and knows that there is a consumer highly likely to spend imminently. Would it be able to monetise that customer by allowing his data to be purchased by a third party after its own re-targeting has failed?

The point is that publishers are hiding behind ...


How news media publishers can tap into local advertisers’ video spend

19 August 2015 · By Adam Burnham

Small-scale business’s in need of video advertising to collect the necessary audience data for engagement.

Advertisers will spend an estimated US$77.7 billion on online video advertising this year, according to the digital advertising research publication eMarketer.

That’s nearly a 34% increase from last year. The reason why is fairly obvious: Video is the most engaging content online. When consumers click on a video, they almost always watch the ad because they want to get to the piece of content that follows.

If the content is good, then the odds are they’ll sit through an ad message. This kind of engagement is hugely valuable, which is why big national advertisers are investing heavily in video.

Of course, local advertisers aren’t shut out, and it’s important for them to embrace the big video opportunity. That means local media ...


Providing research services adds value for advertisers, revenue for publishers

12 August 2015 · By Darrell Kunken

Ask people their opinion and they are usually more than willing to give it to you.

Smart businesses are constantly asking questions of their customers. A lot can be gained by asking customers about their experience when they do business with you.

You need to understand the value of a customer experience so you can provide a way to help a local business capitalise on such information.

Just as you can be the source for setting the process up for these businesses, you’re also setting yourself up to be their ongoing resource for interpretation of results. What you’re creating is an ongoing source of valuable information, a kind of perpetual research engine.

As a business builds transaction records of customers, it might also capture customer records of lost customers through cancelled appointments, etc. A lost customer file is also a great resource of learning for a business.

One of the additional services that we are offering business clients is the ability to set up a ...


Regional print publishers have advantage when it comes to programmatic advertising

11 August 2015 · By Wayne Morgan

Content trends are clearly noted during INMA’s World Congress and tailored content is key.

It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. It was a headline item at this year’s INMA World Congress in New York. We publishers know display advertising – online or otherwise – and yet, during the programmatic seminar at #INMAWC15, publishers were leaving the room early – and everyone saw it!

Are publishers on the verge of something that finally enables them to gain some control over their display advertising future?


Gannett uses data to shift advertising strategy from selling to partnering

28 July 2015 · By Brooke Christofferson

Gannett’s advertising strategy has helped the company better connect with advertisers.

Gannett has been successful in using data and insights to optimise campaigns for key local advertising customers. The strategy has helped reduce churn, but most importantly has helped Gannett’s customers really understand how to best connect and convert their ideal customer with their marketing strategy.

This is really putting into the action the strategy of shifting the sales organisation from product sellers to strategic business partners.

One case study is a regional amusement park in the Midwest part of the United States with a target market focused on people in a regional geographic area with school-aged children school. Although the client has an agency, they reached out directly to discuss capabilities and request a formal proposal.

A campaign was outlined including multiple digital products and print. The client’s goals were to build brand awareness in the regional area and ultimately drive ...


Sports marketing specialisation hits passionate demographic

22 July 2015 · By Greg Bobolo

Massive mobile marketing opportunity for sports news media brands.

Digital media has dramatically changed both the ways sports organisations and athletes engage with fans, and also how brands are able to leverage the power of sports to meet marketing objectives.

That’s why an increasing number of marketing agencies are creating sports specialists within their organisations, like OMD’s Optimum Sports and the newly announced ESP division of Group M/WPP. The Optimum Sports group is tasked with selecting media buys and building brand relationships with sports properties. ESP is focused on consulting for various sports-focused businesses.

From a brand marketing and advertising perspective, sports are simply too important to be left in the hands of non-experts who lack an intimate understanding of the sector. Globally, sports generate more than US$145 billion in revenue. And, according to <a title="Nielsen's 2014 Year in Sports ...


Advertisers invited to Bee Lab to discuss strategy, data, engagement

28 June 2015 · By Darrell Kunken

The Age of the Customer requires a different approach to marketing.

Decisions are made driven by research and data. Data is the currency of today’s approach.

Success depends on ...


Mad Men of today are digital

14 June 2015 · By Greg Bobolo

Mad Men — the television drama that gave us an inside look at the 1960s era of advertising and all its evolving social, political, and gender issues — is over.

Despite the then accepted habit of downing cocktails for lunch and returning to the office with an afternoon buzz, the Mad Men of Madison Avenue’s advertising heyday got one thing right: A good idea is a good idea, regardless of era and technology.

During the Mad Men days, when consumers had very little if not zero choice in media, advertising creatives and marketers could afford to become complacent and witless.

No such luxury exists today.

Contemporary Mad Men are digital professionals with expertise in social, local, and mobile strategies. They’re tech savvy and dress the part. In fact, the term “creatives” is looking as dusty as the advertising agency office environment ruled by the ambitious likes of ...


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