Twitter’s mission statement is “to instantly connect people everywhere to what is most meaningful to them. 

“As a brand, if you’re going to be using Twitter, map yourself to the mission,” said Marcus Nelson, director of social media at Salesforce, at the Social Media Strategies Summit.

Twitter has more than 200 million registered users with about 600,000 new accounts being created each day. There are about 200 million tweets sent daily. People’s top interests on Twitter are celebrities, music, news, technology, and arts and lifestyle. Followers on Twitter are more likely to be brand advocates than fans on Facebook, therefore a Twitter follow is a more explicit expression of loyalty and interest online, Nelson said. Twitter also drives more purchases and recommendations.

Because of its potential value, Nelson said companies should have a strategy specifically tailored to Twitter that involves promoted trends, promoted tweets, and promoted accountseach of which has a different potential value. Twitter offers an analytics dashboard for each...

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