A new global study shows digital media options are re-ordering the landscape for consumers, yet traditional media such as newspapers and television continue to play a vital role in daily life, according to Edward Moran, director of product innovation at Deloitte Consulting LLP in New York. He presented findings from the consulting group's third annual survey on the “State of the Media Democracy.” The study, which polled 8,000 people from around the world, provides a “reality check,&rdquo on how people use media and where the trend lines seem to be heading.

Moran said that attitudes about media are mostly consistent internationally. Breaking results into four generations – “Millenials,” “Gen Xers,” “Baby Boomers,” and “Matures” – key findings in the Deloitte study include:

  • In print advertising attitudes, respondents said they tended to pay more attention to print advertising in newspapers than anything online.

  • On the internet, people found some advertising annoying and intrusive and said they would pay a small amount to be shielded from advertising online.

  • When people...
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