Today's advertising purchases take place in a vastly different environment than those of previous eras due to the internet and networks, said Christopher A.H. Vollmer, partner and leader, Global Media and Entertainment, for New York-based Booz & Company.

“When you're thinking about how to reach the consumer you have to navigate a much more complex ecosystem,” Vollmer said. “Online has become a permanent part of the media mix, and is a catalyst of campaigns.”

Marketers want more conversational media and are increasingly thinking of shifting their budgets to media and content which foster dialogues with consumers – particularly which tie their products to ”opt-in” behaviour, Vollmer said.

“Advertisers see the speed of their marketing execution increasing,” he said. “They've got to be making adjustments and changes rapidly.”

Vollmer asserted that marketers today all expect online to be a bigger portion of their media spend, noting that “they see the digital environment as being as brand appropriate as other media.”

As major marketers transform their marketing, Vollmer said that a strong brand...

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