Tomas Brunegard, chief executive officer of Sweden's Stampen Group, discussed his company's concept of local media and how the company expanded into increasingly hyper-local markets through acquisition and innovation.

“I think this is the best time in 13 years, with all we're facing,” said Brunegard, whose US$800 million multi-media company owns newspapers, online communities, printing operations, and radio stations. “Because there is so much that can be done here that we haven't been able to do in the past.” He spoke briefly about Sweden's demographics and media penetration within the country. Newspapers are the media market leaders there, but their share is declining while online is steadily growing.

He said that the company has fared relatively well during the recession by consolidating printing to reduce costs and fostering new partnerships with brand advertisers.

“We have gotten a lot closer to our advertisers,” Brunegard said. “We created a forum for the 23 main brand advertisers in Sweden, and met once per quarter with their top executives in marketing and created a closeness. We needed...

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