Greenspun Interactive is using the rules of the internet to put a modern spin on old-school journalism, said Rob Curley, president and executive editor.

Curley, who has helped transform the online presence of a string of different newspapers, joined Greenspun a year ago after heading up hyperlocal initiatives at the Washington Post. His charge was to take Greenspun's various properties – including the Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Weekly, and other Greenspun-owned titles – and apply his brand of database-and-local-news magic to them. After showing a video from his publisher, the self-described “internet punk” discussed key projects at Greenspun Interactive.

He said that when his team arrived in Las Vegas, they asked themselves what they would do if they could really start over and create a local web site from the beginning. That question came down to another on: What do consumers really do on the internet? Curley said it comes down to five “P's”: passions (things people are excited about), practical (information, directions, opinions), playful (things they do for fun), personal communication (e-mail,...

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