Agustin J. Edwards, editor and managing director of Las Últimas Noticias (LUN), in Santiago, Chile, discussed his company's unconventional path online.

Unlike many newspapers that update their sites continuously and encourage links from other sites, LUN's web presence is aimed at replicating the experience of the print edition. The web site, which Edwards says has doubled the advertising reach of his newspaper, is published once each day with PDF versions of every page of the print edition put online to preserve the cohesive “newspaper experience” both on the web and on mobile devices. The complete newspaper is pushed online hours before the print edition hits the streets, allowing some “night owls” to get a jump on the next day's report.

The advantages he cited for this system included the fact that there are no digital editors, webmasters, or exclusively digital journalists needed; the site is programmed and the pages are uploaded automatically each night once the newspaper has been put to bed.

Because the web site is completely composed of PDFs, Edwards notes...

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