Roger Dunbar, vice president of digital media and business development at Canada's Globe & Mail, spoke about how organisations must consider their structure and strategy as they go online. Dunbar asserted that that process has to be done in a “significantly different way than it has been done in the past.”

When Dunbar was looking at his newspaper, it was hard at first to see the problems in the organisation. Circulation and audience engagement were up, and he had plenty of smart people and resources backing him up. But his team noted some external challenges brewing on the horizon such as:

  • Every newspaper content category has become much more competitive.
  • Platforms for content distribution are multiplying.
  • Audience attention is fragmenting due to increasing choice and declining discretionary time.
  • Long-standing sources of revenue are being disrupted by alternative business models.

Internally, there were challenges of structure, alignment, duties, and communication that needed to be addressed as well. So Dunbar went to work analysing what his company needed to do...

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