Jenifer Sacks, strategic communications manager for the Tribune Company-owned South Florida Sun Sentinel, presented an overview of her company's marketing activities. She started by showing a video demonstrating the wide variety of media products that Tribune has in her market, and emphasising that cross-market selling and cross-media selling were a major component of her newspaper's strategy to reinvent its business.

She said the keys to good marketing are “keeping it simple, really prioritising, and having good communication,” and said her department's role has grown over time as the company has looked to marketing for strategic guidance. “We've really been growing the editorial-marketing bridge and creating things that are outside the realm of what you would traditionally consider marketing,” Sacks said.

Her first example of this type of innovation was a programme that Sun Sentinel put together for the college basketball playoffs in March 2009. It involved bringing together the newspaper, online, TV, and marketing to develop an in-newspaper playoff bracket, an online bracket, and an interactive online basketball brackets game, all tied together through in-newspaper, online, and on-air...

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