Laura Cunningham, marketing director for the Palm Beach Post, provided an overview of her company – including an audience that is mostly affluent and attractive to advertisers. The newspaper has a high net worth subscriber base, while the newspaper's web site gets about 40 million unique visitors each month.

She spoke first about how her marketing department responded to a recent shift in how the newspaper would be printed. In 2008, the Palm Beach Post made the decision to outsource their printing operations to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's facility in Pompano Beach. This move saved the newspaper the cost of buying new printing presses and allowed it to cut 300 printing jobs. It also meant that the newspaper's web size had to go down to 46 inches from its traditional 50 inches. The classified advertising section was redesigned, and the traditional 10-column page would be made into six columns of classified ads.

This was the right move from the business side, but Cunningham spoke about how outsourcing this process removed some of the “newspaper magic” at the newspaper,...

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