The Miami Herald is finding clever, innovative ways to efficiently apply their marketing resources during today's economic downturn, according to marketing director Christina Gomez-Pina and creative director Bill Whiddon.

Gomez-Pina began by giving an overview of South Florida's demographics, and pointing out some of the distinctive draws for advertisers for the Miami Herald and its Spanish-language sister newspaper, El Nuevo Herald. She pointed out that while the newspaper was struggling with the business end of transitioning online, daily readership of the print edition is up and the newspaper's web site,, has grown 65 percent in unique visitors over the past year. “We're not suffering an audience crisis,” she said. “It's a revenue problem.”

One of the major challenges with the current climate is that she and Whiddon and their small staffs have a limited budget. In fact, most of the marketing examples she later gave – videos and static ads – starred Herald staffers and their children instead of paid models and actors.

One campaign that she touted was the Herald's recent “value campaign” where the...

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